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Loads of benefits to being taller

Height increasing insoles has loads of benefits that will help you with your day to day life and social life.

With height increasing insoles you do not have to be self conscious any more about your height, as you can get a instant height boost from just wearing these great shoe lifts that you insert into your shoes. You will see results at once and you can add up to 5 inches to your height just by wearing the insoles, you may want to gradually increase your height with the insoles though by adjusting the height on them, this will trick other though into thinking that you are slowly naturally growing.

Being tall has tons of secret benefits such as being noticed and being able to stand out form the crowd more, people are said to also respect and trust you more as when you are taller you will have more authority and presence and people will listen to you more and take your opinions into a count more often.

Also being tall may make you better at sports as well.

This is great as this will mean you will have more chance of getting that all important job that you have always wanted.

these are just some of the great benefits that yo may get if are tall.

But to get tall you must increase your height, but how exactly can you do that?

By buying some height increasing shoe lifts of course that is exactly how! They are inexpensive and make your shoes extra comfy and well worth £10, this is because they can change your life and give you confidence and self esteem!

So why not buy some today online and get taller straight away, and remember you can comment below if you have anything more to say about height increasing insoles and shoe lifts!


Some good info on insoles

Bad Biomechanics is often the cause of injuries, knee pain, the collapse of the vaults, inflammation of tendons, pain, blisters, plantární fascitis, a tibia, pain syndrome, pat ilotibiálního, pain, ankle pain, knee bursitis, cross-country skiing.
Insoles may reduce the risk of injury, keep your foot to neutral-mechanics.
45 grams of hard High-Tech footwear inserts
Daily walking or sport often burden the legs up to the limit. Footdisc ProActive insoles creates dynamic support legs so as to avoid congestion in the legs and muscles. Foot tired later, improves performance, and preemptively preventing possible accidents.
Technology supports Footdisc
Individual adaptation for more comfort in every shoe
Optimal orthopaedic support-reduces fatigue and increases performance
A synergistic effect between the foot and the shoe store-direct transfer of forces to the substrate
4. the CONTROL of
Strategically located systems control-protects the sensitive structures of the feet before the overload
Technically advanced construction of 3-layer absorbs moisture, creating blisters and reduces odor

Lower back pain explained…


“They become as dull pain and a fatigue feeling in the lower back, especially after prolonged standing noticeable… “


Millions of Germans suffer from back pain, do mostly nothing.


What causes back pain?


There are many different causes of back pain, but the main reason is simply a poor posture. Poor posture is neglected evoked in many different situations such as if we will be before a computer or the television sitting on the sofa, also when standing, especially over a longer period of time, the posture. Most people are unaware that their bad posture so that it is not so easy to correct.


Interestingly, a poor posture can often related to problems on your feet! If E.g. the feet überpronieren (roll inward), the whole body out of balance can result. -Excess pronation causes the legs turning inward and the pelvis tilts forward. The result is an increased curvature of the spine and a narrowing and stiffening of the lower back muscles and this causes pain and discomfort.


Back pain – treatment and relief


Recently, a study in the United States has found that the most common cause of back pain in the manner of running the patient is. Patients suffering from all back pain, report a significant improvement in their pain, after they were treated with corrective insoles.


By Footlogics wearing insoles can feet aligned duplication this posture improves. ‘Footlogics’ insoles to correct the over pronation is the rotation of the legs inward and prevents after forward tipping of the pelvis. It greatly improves the posture and reduces the voltage on the lower back muscles, which in turn reduces pain and fatigue.


Orthopaedics (Greek:. ὀρϑός orthos ‘straight’ and παιδεία paidèia ‘education, education’) deals with the origins, prevention, detection and treatment of congenital or acquired form or malfunction of the musculoskeletal system, so the bones, joints, muscles and tendons, as well as with the rehabilitation of the patient.
The Orthopedic treatment uses other surgical procedures (for example, prosthesis surgery), physiotherapy, orthopaedic pain therapy, physical and drug arthritis treatment and in the area of technical orthopaedics of Orthopedic technicians and orthopaedic shoe technicians to customize tools (for example, insoles for shoes, shoe modifications and orthopedic shoes, as well as prostheses and orthotics.)
An important field of work is the orthopaedic surgery in childhood (children orthopaedics). Much of what can become permanent problems in adulthood, can be still set in the child or straighten. Advice on choosing a career can prevent future diseases. Operation prevention is one of the main tasks of the orthopedists anyway: conditions to capture enough early and to treat that surgery is not necessary (“conservative treatment”). Treatments can be done in an outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation measures.

Calluses and corns



Calluses and corns are Thickenings of the skin (calluses). They are a sign of constant friction and pressure on the foot. Calluses develop usually under the ball of the foot, the heel and under the big toe.


Corns are a form of calluses with a hard core and develop on and between the toes.

What causes calluses and corns?


-the wearing of high heels: You move the body weight on the foot and thereby develop calluses under the ball of the foot.


-the wearing of too narrow or too tight shoes: the toes get caught in the shoe, which leads to constant friction.


-biomechanical foot disorders:-excess pronation causes sustained overloads which lead to the formation of the callus.

Calluses and corns treatment


Calluses and corns should in principle professionally removed.


For wearers of heels, there are now Footlogics ‘High Heel Comfort’. This biomechanical insoles give support the arch and metatarsal. This verteillt is the body weight evenly over the entire foot and not only on the front foot.


Footlogics ‘High Heel Comfort’ reduced so that the friction and pressure on the foot.


For normal shoes, there are ‘Footlogics comfort and casual’. These insoles correct-excessive pronation and prevent excessive pressure and friction on the foot.