Where to buy orthotics from

If you looking for some orthotics nuovahealth have some great deals on orthotics and footcare insoles to help protect your feet from damage and ease foot pain whilst you walk.

Orthotics are essential as they have in built arch supports to help support your foot whilst you walk and stand. Just think your body is under a constant battle with gravity that is always pushing down on you. Feet are not naturally flat but actually have a arch in them, that is why regular insoles are no good idea and over time could actually damage your foot.

Orthotic insoles however can support and even strengthen you foot.

With a pair of these insoles you dont have to worry about foot pain anymore…

You can buy some orthotic insoles online for a reasonable price.





Orthotic insoles eliminate foot pain

Did you know that by simply replacing your regular insoles with wearing orthotics in your shoes it can make a big difference  Here at simplyinsoles.wordpress you can read more on the benefits on just how these orthotic insoles can do for you. Plus we list loads of the best places to buy them from for the best possible deals.

With a special range of orthotics, heel grips and even insoles that make you taller (height increasing insoles) you can walk with confidence, peace of mind and height at heightincreasinginsoles.net

With a special range of orthotics, heel grips and even insoles that make you taller (height increasing insoles) you can walk with confidence, peace of mind and height at heightincreasinginsoles.net

Shoe insoles for heels

Sometimes when wearing high heels you will just wish that they are comfortable but only boring unstylish  shoes are comfortable…if only there was a solution that meant you could wear your stylish high heeled shoes and they where comfortable. Well what would you say if I said there is. Heel grips are the answer with heel grips these discrete insoles that you can use with your high heels means no more compromising with style for comfort any more  Heel grips will give you the comfort you deserve. Prevent foot pain and problems and will mean yo get to wear your best high heels all day without having to take along some slippers with you.

You can get some heel grips here

Also the clever thing about these heel grip insoles is that they grip to your heel so not slipping around in them.


Buying the right insoless

Buying the right insoles is very important as you don’t want to be walking around all day in shoes that feel uncomfortable because your insoles are to big, slide around in your shoe, have sharp bits, a funny shape and hurt your foot or anything else you can think of that causes discomfort when wearing the insoles.

To buy the right insoles, height increasing insoles or shoe lifts you need to realize that there is a lot of things to look out for to make sure you buy the right ones.

First of the materials the insoles are made from is very important. You need to by a insoles made from a solid hard material, I know you may think for comfort you will need the insoles to be made out of a soft material but this is not the case. You need a material that is rigid enough to support your foot and body weight and also make sure your insoles doesn’t slip around in your shoes. The best materials to buy height increasing insoles are foam, rubber and silicone. Foam is the best option as it can absorb the pressure and energy your feet o through and create whilst walking.

You cam buy height increasing insoles in many shapes and sizes make sure you either buy height increasing insoles that are either your shoe size or a little bit smaller so that your foot doesn’t feel squashed when wearing the insoles.

You can buy height increasing insoles that can be adjusted in height as well  this is a really good feature that can help trick other people into thinking that you are growing taller naturally as you can slowly increase your height every so often. So always look out for adjustable height increasing insoles.

The only person to see the insoles will be you because the height increasing insoles will be hidden at the bottom of your shoes so you do not need to buy expensive designer ones as you will be paying extra for insoles that will do the same as cheaper ones.

I hope this article will help you on finding and buying the right height increasing insoles.

Increasing height with insoles

It is possible to increase your height by as much as 5 inches by just using height increasing insoles.

The height increasing insoles/shoe lifts are inserted into the bottom of your shoes so that nobody will know you are using them.

They are designed be very light in weight and are very comfortable to wear.

I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to increase their height to buy a pair even if you are already tall the design of the shoe lifts mean that they may even improve your posture and remember it is always good to be a little bit taller right?

Read more here


Shoe lifts help you earn more money!

Shoe lifts help you earn loads more money! Why? Because they increase your height and confidence in one! They are great as loads of scientific research suggests that taller people are more successful  reasons for this are that poeple trust taller people more, have more confidence in their abilities, have more respect for them, and see them as having more authority to that of some one smaller.

With shoe lifts you are able to boost your height and confidence easily and effectively enabling you to have your ideas and opinions heard at the work place and not ignored because you are smaller than everybody else.

Shoe lifts are really good as they let you have a increase height as well as self esteem and confidence.

Apart from diet and exercise there really isn’t any other alternatives to increase your height apart from surgery but that has a lot of risks and is not guaranteed to work.

So if you are sick of people looking down on you at the work place get some shoe lifts.

You can also gradually build your height with them, you can adjust the shoe lifts to the height you want meaning you can gradually grow your own height at the rate you want and so people will be fooled into thinking that you are naturally growing taller instead of all a sudden walking into work one day being much taller than everybody else over night.

Shoe lifts can be bought for under £10 online and are great value for money and a really super investment if you want more authority and presence where you work. The shoe lift are also really lightweight so you do not have to worry about the shoe lifts weighing your feet down or anything, plus the shoe lifts are designed around the shape of feet so that the shoe lifts are comfortable and you can use them all day without any discomfort at all.

Insoles and support

Supports solid footwear


“Ankle-locked sports” (locked ankle) is the term we use to describe the sport in which foot and lower part of his legs remain in one position. Short and long muscles of the foot, they can’t work, vaulting is declining, and the legs are starting to hurt


Hardboot HighArch
Hardboot MedArch
Highly rounded feet often weakly absorb impacts and impact forces are transmitted through the foot to the knees, kyčlím and back. Mostly supinují and are inflexible. The inserts are made of FOOTDISC ® Cushion materials, Poron ® and curEVA ® designed to improve absorption of absorbers and system 3DBS for high arch divides with an impact load.


Characteristics of inserts:
additional suspension, support the instep.
Medium rounded feet are generally well functioning; fatigue and the additional burden (e.g. running) it may, however, change often and post’s injuries. Using insoles ® Support FOOTDISC 3DBS for medium-high and maintain its dynamic behavior. Materials, Poron ® and curEVA ® to improve the properties of absorption of absorbers.


Characteristics of inserts:
balanced support the instep, control.


Hardboot LowArch
Area of application:
Feet with low arch are flexible and have excessive pronaci. Because of this increased mobility are such feet prone to injury from a power surge. Foot orthoses FOOTDISC Stability to reduce excessive ® pronace (roll) use 3DBS and materials as Poron ® and curEVA ® to help to improve the properties of absorption of absorbers.


Characteristics of inserts:
contact on the entire area of the foot.