Some good info on insoles

Bad Biomechanics is often the cause of injuries, knee pain, the collapse of the vaults, inflammation of tendons, pain, blisters, plantární fascitis, a tibia, pain syndrome, pat ilotibiálního, pain, ankle pain, knee bursitis, cross-country skiing.
Insoles may reduce the risk of injury, keep your foot to neutral-mechanics.
45 grams of hard High-Tech footwear inserts
Daily walking or sport often burden the legs up to the limit. Footdisc ProActive insoles creates dynamic support legs so as to avoid congestion in the legs and muscles. Foot tired later, improves performance, and preemptively preventing possible accidents.
Technology supports Footdisc
Individual adaptation for more comfort in every shoe
Optimal orthopaedic support-reduces fatigue and increases performance
A synergistic effect between the foot and the shoe store-direct transfer of forces to the substrate
4. the CONTROL of
Strategically located systems control-protects the sensitive structures of the feet before the overload
Technically advanced construction of 3-layer absorbs moisture, creating blisters and reduces odor

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