What is an ortho correction insole?

Frequently asked questions

What is an ortho correction insole?

An ortho correction insole is a sole, inserting into the shoes and which has the task to restore the natural position of the feet and the natural flow of the foot. Many complaints, such as heel and knee pain, pain in the lower back, etc. are caused by already existing poor foot posture or position.


The most common foot problem is the flattening of the foot (Overpronation), which leads that the foot rolls inward and overused the ankle. About 70% of the population have this problem. Ortho correction shoe insoles to correct the Overpronation by restoring natural foot and ankle positions. Thus, not only foot discomfort but also pain in other parts of the body can be avoided.
Why do we need Ortho correction insoles?
Approximately 70% of the population have the problem of the flattening of the foot (Overpronation). The reasons are varied, such as old-age and wear, high body weight, weak ankles, and daily running on flat and hard floors.
Problems such as heel spur, heel pain, inflamed foot, toe deformity, knee pain and pain in the lower back can all be caused by Overpronation. These symptoms can be reduced by wearing insoles or even prevented.
FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles are very inexpensive, a good investment in your health and can provide help for pain relief – not only today, but also for the future.
There are various types of corrective insoles?
Generally, there are two different types of deposits:
(1) Personally customized fixed shoe insoles
These deposits are for people with serious foot problems and cleansing and are prescribed by the orthopedists. A plaster cast of the foot is created, sent to the orthopaedic laboratory, where an individual deposit is made.
This deposit, although bio-mechanically correct, is very hard and inelastic. Because habituation is a problem for some people
(2) Prefabricated Ortho correction shoe insoles
These deposits are flexible, non-prescription available and the costs are much lower than in a rigid insert. You get used to very quickly due to the elasticity of this form of deposits. Studies have shown that by application of prefabricated deposits existing complaints (Overpronation) could be significantly reduced.
Prefabricated Ortho correction shoe inserts are made from a soft, flexible material (EVA), which already after a short gestation period adapts to the foot and fully supported him. This is very beneficial for children and older people who can not tolerate hard deposits.
What is the difference between normal insoles and corrective shoes?
There is a fundamental difference between corrective inserts and insoles. Insoles are designed to produce a softer footbed and a certain cushioning in the shoe. They are very comfortable, but they have no effect on the correct foot posture. Some insoles have a thickening, which is too weak, in order to have an effective impact in the area of the Fußlängsgewölbes.
Ortho correction insoles are designed to support the entire foot bed and to bring the foot in an optimal setting. The ankle can be placed just so, pressure under the foot and the toes can be avoided by a uniform weight distribution. Ortho correction shoe insoles can reduce the possibility of corn formation. Main task of the insoles is to ensure an optimum foot function, which leads to the avoidance of pain and injury. An additional effect is the convenient and shock-absorbing.
At what aches and pains can Ortho correction insoles be helpful?
Our feet are the bearers of our body. Flaws in our feet lead to many negative consequences such as knee and back pain. Chiropractors and physical therapists have recognized this and like to specifically recommend wearing corrective insoles with Overpronation. The deposits is the rotation of the tibia inward, the advancement of the basin prevents and reduces the pain caused by this. An American study has shown that the kind of running is often the basis for back pain. It was found that wearing corrective insoles could reduce this pain for at least half of the persons concerned.
Who can benefit from wearing Ortho correction deposits?
In principle can be helped by wearing corrective insoles of every person who suffers from foot pain. Approximately 70% of the population affects the Overpronation, the most common cause of foot problems. As we get older, our muscles and tendons are weaker and we in our bones lose calcium. This is of course in our legs and feet most noticeable, because these will be the most loaded. Therefore, older people have great advantage of the wearing of corrective insoles.
Professionals who can benefit from wearing orthopedic insoles:
People in service and kitchen, craftsmen and workers, nursing staff, vendors, hairdressers and generally every profession are employees for 6 or more hours on their feet. These include also women who wear high-heeled shoes for a long time. They often suffer severe pain in the ball of the foot or leg pain have generally.
Long distance runners and athletes:
This group have constantly claimed the muscle and bone structure. The load can exceed five times the body weight. Bio-mechanical injuries are often the result. Ortho correction Schuheinlagenn can be very helpful for the prevention of heel and knee injuries.
Children 8 years old and older:
Since children bone development is not yet complete, and due to their natural activity, this can to growing pains in the heels (sever’s disease) and tendonitis in the knee area (Osgood-Schlatter’s disease) lead. Ortho correction shoe insoles can stabilize the foot and prevent such extreme stress of tendons and joints and the pain this caused.
People who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, excess weight or obesity.
What are FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles manufactured and how long can you use them?
Normally, personally customized insoles are made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel, fitted with a covering made of leather or plastic coating. These deposits are often very uncomfortable and therefore sometimes difficult to endure.
Unlike fixed deposits, FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles manufactured from a flexible, soft material (EVA). The advantage of this material is that it adapts to the foot, at the same time very supportive and shock absorbers acts which protected feet, ankles, knees, hips and the lower back area. Professionals, children, and elderly people find very comfortable to wear because they cause no pain in contrast to rigid inserts FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles.
FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles are made from EVA (high-quality, insulating, tear-resistant and non-slip foam which absorbs no water). This is a medium-dense material which puts together over the course of time. How long FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles are suitable, depends on the time of use. It is recommended that people who run very much or 8 hours daily on the legs, renew the deposits annually.
How long is the settling-in period of FOOTLOGICS deposits?
Usually, there is no or only a short settling time, FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles are foot friendly. The anatomically correct shape immediately adapts to the foot and is therefore very comfortable to wear. Should itself however in exceptional cases a deposit does not immediately prove convenient, we recommend daily to increase the gestation period, until the liner can be worn symptom-free 1 hour.
Footlogics Ortho correction shoe insoles fit in all my shoes?
FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles are available in different models suitable for most types of shoe.
Our ‘FOOTLOGICS KIDS”is a ¾ length support sole, suitable for any kind of children’s shoes. is supporting sole, a ¾ length suitable for any type of children’s shoes.
Our ‘FOOTLOGICS CASUAL”model (3/4 length) is best for flat shoes such as loafers, moccasins or loafers, so for shoes with a low heel, which are not too narrow.
Our ‘FOOTLOGICS comfort”model (full length) is best suited to comfortable flat shoes, work shoes, boots and all kinds of sports shoes.
Our ‘ FOOTLOGICS high heel comfort “model has been developed specifically for narrowly tailored and high-heeled women’s shoes, sandals and narrow boots for women.
How can I keep my FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles?
Please wipe the deposits only with a cloth which has been slightly moistened in soapy water. Never completely immerse the deposits in water!
How do I know that I can help the FOOTLOGICS deposits?
Although we do not know your personal complaints and conditions, we are convinced that our product can help you to reduce pain caused by foot problems, or even to completely avoid. FOOTLOGICS Ortho correction insoles have helped hundreds of thousands of people in Europe, United States and Australia to this day.
They are used by medical professionals for over 40 years and recommended. The reason for this is simple! “They work!” We at FOOTLOGICS would like to invite you to try our product for 30 days. If you believe that it does not maintain, what we promise, can send back it. No more questions asked get then their money back!

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