Calluses and corns



Calluses and corns are Thickenings of the skin (calluses). They are a sign of constant friction and pressure on the foot. Calluses develop usually under the ball of the foot, the heel and under the big toe.


Corns are a form of calluses with a hard core and develop on and between the toes.

What causes calluses and corns?


-the wearing of high heels: You move the body weight on the foot and thereby develop calluses under the ball of the foot.


-the wearing of too narrow or too tight shoes: the toes get caught in the shoe, which leads to constant friction.


-biomechanical foot disorders:-excess pronation causes sustained overloads which lead to the formation of the callus.

Calluses and corns treatment


Calluses and corns should in principle professionally removed.


For wearers of heels, there are now Footlogics ‘High Heel Comfort’. This biomechanical insoles give support the arch and metatarsal. This verteillt is the body weight evenly over the entire foot and not only on the front foot.


Footlogics ‘High Heel Comfort’ reduced so that the friction and pressure on the foot.


For normal shoes, there are ‘Footlogics comfort and casual’. These insoles correct-excessive pronation and prevent excessive pressure and friction on the foot.

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