Thermo footbed insole

The extra warm and comfortable Thermo footbed insole is the main attraction on cold days!


Who want not on the comfort of a spa foot bed in the cold season in shoes or winter boots and would have still warm feet, needs the pedag VIVA ® WINTER insoles (solar plus).


The Thermo footbed has an anatomically formed footbed. It intercepts vibrations thanks to the heel pad, the wearing arch supports effectively the longitudinal arch and the pad in the forefoot prevents a Splayfoot and can alleviate existing symptoms.


And to cold feet you need to thanks to the pedag VIVA ® WINTER more worry. The tread made of 100% wool provides warmth. The intermediate layer made of high-tech foam, in which thousands of tiny air chambers are included, isolated and holds the heat in the foot. The aluminum Shield protects against soil cooling.


-Anatomical footbed


-relieves longitudinal arch, heel and forefoot


-Triple protection against cold winter liner


-Pure wool, high-tech foam insulating special foil against the cold ground and in between
suitable for:
-all women’s and men’s shoes


-all winter boots


-ideal also for rubber boots

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