The Formthotics ™ sport “Run” ShockStop insole

The height increasing sport “Run” ShockStop insole with double density (dual-density) is equipped with a special shock stop pad and is thereby extremely reducing effect. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from foot pain, knee pain and back pain. Ideal for diabetics. For all people that much, go and run. The industrial shock stop green/blue insert combines the advantages of the height increasing ™ of foot bed – individual adaptation to the dynamic foot – with the optimal damping of the shock stop material.
Excellent which has proven sports ‘Run’ ShockStop in relieving heel spur.
The dynamic insole “height increasing” individually adapts to your foot.
With formthotics ™, your shoes within minutes are perfectly seated comfort shoes. Formthotics fill the gap between the foot and the shoe, so that both to a unit.
But that’s not all.
Formthotics provide long-term comfort and reduce fatigue by supporting the whole foot and evenly distribute weight and pressure.
The concept: The height increasing ™” concept is based on a dynamic approach in which only the heel is positioned correctly. In the medium and the forefoot, the height increasing ™” insole by a special milling supports the natural rolling motion of the foot.
The action: height increasing insoles improves the leg position and posture. The height increasing™ insoles are equipped with a slightly deeper and slightly outside sitting heel cup. This brings the heel bone in a correct position.
When the heel bone is correctly positioned, automatically matches the leg axis of heel, knee and hip.
Continue to the heel position ensures a natural rolling process and supports the torsion dynamics of the foot, so a stunted foot muscles will be better trained.
The material: Formthotics are from a closed, networked and heat deformable polyethylene foam produced. This cell structure guarantees a holistic water resistance and acts as a cold insulation.
For the diverse needs of foot and areas of application, there are various foam hardening. Soles “Single Density” series consist of a foam hardness. They provide solid but flexible support and are an effective solution in many areas. “Dual Density” is a combination of two foam hardening. These two polyethylene materials are linked: a larger foam hardness for the form and also a lower hardness of foam that offers a comfortable appearance.
Professional athletes, top athletes and sports stars around the world use height increasing ™ in training and in competitions.
enable a smooth & natural gear of the movement of the foot
even distribution of pressure through natural & functional form
heaight increasing  foot & shoe be a unit
Pressure relief / overload protection
less fatigue on the feet & legs by obtaining the optimum foot statics

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