soft gel heel cup

The soft gel heel cup ensures optimal comfort thanks to two degrees of hardness. It is also ideal for the painful heel spur relief.


The heels make hard work while walking and standing. You catch the appearance and thus our body weight. You are often long walking on the road or you work much in standing up, you did probably already acquainted with painful heels. The gel heel cup pedag ULTRA HEEL creates here remedy, by she are optimally absorbed the shock waves. And not only in setting up the heel, but even with the rolling of the foot when standing, jumping and hiking or abrupt rotation absorbs the shock waves to the high-tech gel.


The gel heel cup of pedag ULTA HEEL helps heel spur problems, preventing them and relieves the joints and spine. Thanks to the two different hardness of the gel (= transparent soft, blue = extra soft) improves pedag ULTRA HEEL optimal comfort in leisure, sport and work shoes. To insert just the sticky tray in the rear cap of the shoe. To clean, you simply rinse off pedag ULTRA HEEL under clear water and dry the gel heel cup then in the air.


-soft soft x gel (white) acts as a shell shock absorbers


-extra soft soft x 20 gel (blue) is a relief under the heel and dämft the appearance


-anatomically adjusted to the heel


-prevents heel problems and protects knees, joints and spine


-Also ideally suited for heel spurs and Achilles tendon problems


-washable under water


-available in two sizes



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