sofsole insole

The SofSole AIRR insole is a slightly stabilising sport liner for high loads. The maximum air cushioning in the heel and the forefoot gel pad and the extensive impulse foam make for excellent shock and vibration absorption. The CoolMax surface is great . The pronounced footbed and the air cushion in the medial area (inside of the foot) stabilize the foot and prevent Overpronation.
-Sports and everyday insert for heavy loads


-very good damping thanks to gel and air-cushion pad


-good Feuchtigskeitsmanagment


-suitable for neutral foot and slight Pronierer


-for ladies in green Gr. 36-43 and men in blue Gr. 40-48 available
The SOF are recommended by American doctors to protect foot, leg and joint complaints sole insoles and heel cushion. The shock-absorbing recoil material ensures the forest ground effect and at the same time ensures breathability. SOF gel is a lightweight, revolutionary polymer gel, which does not occur by itself and is therefore more durable than foam heel cushion.

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