Shin splints

Shin splints


Pain in the shins (or so-called “Shin splints”) are a very common complaint among athletes and especially in people who begin these activities for the first time. This pain occurs very often especially in long distance runners.


Shin pain symptoms


They occur as a feeling of tension and pain in the front of the shins, especially if the legs are heavily loaded. These symptoms improve but very quickly, if the legs come to rest.
Cause of Shin splints


Usually, pain in the shins are caused by excessive strain bones (tibia and fibula) of muscle and tendon at the Shin. Overloads occur most frequently in athletes, especially runners with long distance runners. An over pronation (rolling over) the feet are also an important contribution to the formation of the pain.


Snapping off the ankle inward leads to a rotation of the lower part of the leg. This rotation causes a strong strain of muscle ‘Tibialis Anterior’ and leads to the inflammation, caused the pain in the front or inside of the shins.
Treatment and therapy for pain in the shins


The load caused by sport should be restricted to a Shin pain worsening, especially among athletes and runners, to prevent. It is extremely important that run before each sporting activity warm-up exercises and stretching exercises. Pain in the shins can be through the application of ice (a towel wound 5 and treated by deep-tissue massage. Also Footlogics insoles provide good help here.


Footlogics Ortho correction insoles can reduce the excessive pronation of the foot preventing so the strain and overloading of front and rear leg muscles. This often reduces the pain. If the problem persists, you should consult a physical therapist, specialist or a podiatrists.

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