Orthopaedics (Greek:. ὀρϑός orthos ‘straight’ and παιδεία paidèia ‘education, education’) deals with the origins, prevention, detection and treatment of congenital or acquired form or malfunction of the musculoskeletal system, so the bones, joints, muscles and tendons, as well as with the rehabilitation of the patient.
The Orthopedic treatment uses other surgical procedures (for example, prosthesis surgery), physiotherapy, orthopaedic pain therapy, physical and drug arthritis treatment and in the area of technical orthopaedics of Orthopedic technicians and orthopaedic shoe technicians to customize tools (for example, insoles for shoes, shoe modifications and orthopedic shoes, as well as prostheses and orthotics.)
An important field of work is the orthopaedic surgery in childhood (children orthopaedics). Much of what can become permanent problems in adulthood, can be still set in the child or straighten. Advice on choosing a career can prevent future diseases. Operation prevention is one of the main tasks of the orthopedists anyway: conditions to capture enough early and to treat that surgery is not necessary (“conservative treatment”). Treatments can be done in an outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation measures.

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