Medical insoles?

Foot has a weight of our bodies, and if something is wrong somewhere, as it should be (for example, very often a decline in the transverse arches), it will affect the overall posture. We may then need to be hurt in the cross, or we can have problems with joints and the cause is in the sole of her foot.


Medical insoles?


For the above reasons, perhaps more healthy shops, or orthopaedic footwear and it seems that, even with special inserts, tore the bag. Tend to be properly supported to pin the foot arch. Are produced from different materials, such as gel, others have more built-in magnet and so on.


Unfortunately, it often happens that the wearer will insert a few steps to push and it becomes very uncomfortable. “I’ve Got special shoes and inserts on the trip. After a few miles I had the feeling that my flow toes. I immediately removed the towels and prefer continued without them, “says Teresa výletnice sharp. According to Paul Ihnáta may be a problem that has not been correctly insert molded. “We each have different distorted foot and series-produced inserts are not the solution,” he adds, and represents me special diagnostic feet Pedikom.


Examination of the pain. Simply stand on the glass wall and waiting until the instrument to evaluate the necessary information. It takes only a minute. Under glass, which can carry up to 500 pounds, is the camera which scans reflections of the feet. You will then be displayed on the computer monitor in color. In the colors is exactly how one counted in certain places as long.

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