Lower back pain explained…


“They become as dull pain and a fatigue feeling in the lower back, especially after prolonged standing noticeable… “


Millions of Germans suffer from back pain, do mostly nothing.


What causes back pain?


There are many different causes of back pain, but the main reason is simply a poor posture. Poor posture is neglected evoked in many different situations such as if we will be before a computer or the television sitting on the sofa, also when standing, especially over a longer period of time, the posture. Most people are unaware that their bad posture so that it is not so easy to correct.


Interestingly, a poor posture can often related to problems on your feet! If E.g. the feet überpronieren (roll inward), the whole body out of balance can result. -Excess pronation causes the legs turning inward and the pelvis tilts forward. The result is an increased curvature of the spine and a narrowing and stiffening of the lower back muscles and this causes pain and discomfort.


Back pain – treatment and relief


Recently, a study in the United States has found that the most common cause of back pain in the manner of running the patient is. Patients suffering from all back pain, report a significant improvement in their pain, after they were treated with corrective insoles.


By Footlogics wearing insoles can feet aligned duplication this posture improves. ‘Footlogics’ insoles to correct the over pronation is the rotation of the legs inward and prevents after forward tipping of the pelvis. It greatly improves the posture and reduces the voltage on the lower back muscles, which in turn reduces pain and fatigue.

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