footbed insole

The up to 14 mm thick, flexible and elastic foam footbed is optimally adapted to the needs of your foot. Development leads the 6 zones to an excellent support of the foot. The position of the feet is improved and thus optimizes the entire body structure. The foam is breathable and absorbs large amounts of energy. Take the insole from the shoe to dry.
-Zone 1: heel pad absorbs the appearance and relieves the spine


-Zone 2: heel cup leads the foot and prevents the sprains


-Zone 3: The uncovering of the muscle areas outside relaxes muscles and tendons


-Zone 4: Support of the longitudinal arch prevents overloading of the foot


-Zone 5: The pad (support) relieves the foot and distributes the pressure in the front of the foot


-Zone 6: before foot cushioning relieves the forefoot


-Skin-friendly durable upper material is solvent and Klebstofffrei


-In a gentle machine washable up to 30 degrees


-Available in sizes 36-48

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