Ball of the big toe – misalignment of the big toe

What is hallux valgus?
Hallux valgus is the most common toe deformity. It is caused by a deviation of the big toe to the metacarpophalangeal joint outwards and the simultaneous turning inwards. It comes in the course of time to pressure sores and inflammation and leads to complete reinforcement (hallux Ridigus) a painful arthrosis (cartilage wear) in the long run.


Factors that can lead to the formation of hallux valgus:


-a general Bindegewebsschwäche




-mechanical effects (pointy shoes)


-excessive pronation


Also genetic causes (inheritance) play a role in the formation. The misalignment of the big toe is also increasing with age.


Therapy and pain relief in hallux valgus


You should basically seek conservative treatment and consider only in extreme cases surgery.


Conservative treatment


Footlogics biomechanical insoles can reduce that caused that pain by hallux valgus. High-heeled women’s shoes is the Footlogics ‘ high heel comfort insole “very useful. The increase of Metatarsuses, which causes this insert reduces pressure and friction on the big toe metacarpophalangeal joint.


Carrier of flat shoes, a development of hallux valgus by wearing the Footlogics-correction – can
Insoles are largely reduced.


Patients who suffer from hallux valgus, can reduce your symptoms by pressure-relieving foam (the hallux valgus night splint). This foam are placed between the 1st and 2nd toe and can also reduce and limit progression of the deformity of toe the complaints to the Bale.

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